Hi.  I’m Nicole Maxwell. I worked for more than, let's just say, a very long time in various aspects of the entertainment world, from documentarian to producer to development executive at a major network. But the farther I got from behind the camera, the more I missed what drew me to television in first place: Telling stories.

At MAGIC TREE MEDIA, that’s what we do.

Whether you’re a corporate CEO reaching out to investors or a new business owner looking to get the word out about your company, we’ll tell your story in a professionally shot, produced and edited video tailored to your specific needs.

High school athlete looking to catch the eye of college recruiters? We’ll tell your story too.  We also produce documentary- style videos for milestone events including weddings, anniversaries and retirements. 


I love sports and fitness and I believe that shows in the way I shoot. Whether it’s raw footage for training purposes, polished reels to present to recruiters, or mini-documentaries that capture the athletes journey and accomplishments, I shoot with the same passion and commitment exhibited by the people I’m filming.





Set your business apart with a unique video that captures who you are and what you do. My approach is non-formulaic and yields results that get people talking.

Casting / Character Development 

I locate and shoot prospective characters for TV, digital and branded content. I can cut out travel costs by interview subjects via Skype and producing short reels that give a good idea of whether a character is going to work for your project without the expense of putting a crew in the field.


Capture the big moments in your life with documentary-quality video. I produce mini-docs for retirments, anniversaries and memorial services. I am also available to shoot the events as well.

Full Length Documentary

I co-produced this documentary on a wonderful woman named Zelda: hernameiszelda.com. I currently have several other projects in the works.